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Enter the City

This summer has been full. In so many good ways. Vacation, fireworks, county fair, camp, more camp, state fair is just around the corner. 
In all of this I've had hardly any spare moments to write. 
I thought I'd just take a quick moment and share what has been on my heart this rare quiet summer week, before I head to another camp.
When Jesus entered the city, the whole place was stirred. In other words, all the mundane was halted and the glory of the Kingdom of God broke into it. People felt something. They noticed something. Even without the things Jesus said and did, He carried the Spirit of God within Him. So wherever He went people could feel the freedom radiating from Him. They were picking up on peace, love, kindness, and selflessness. People were drawn to that, even if only for a moment, like a blade of grass to the rising sun. Naturally, spiritually, we respond to God's presence because He is our source of Life. 
We have been given the same Spirit that Jesus has. God&…

The Successful Me

About a year ago, a friend offered a question to our group:  "How would you define success?"

His question made me think.  I did not feel successful.  In fact, I felt quite the opposite. My friends all seemed to be getting degrees, careers, recognition, awards. Well deserved, might I add.  My husband was seeing all sorts of success in his business, which I was and am immensely proud of.  
I googled "successful woman". There were so many photos, none of which looked like my life. 

Here I was, a wife, a stay-at-home mom, a college drop-out (I put school on hold when I got pregnant with Silas), I volunteered for different ministries, but had no tangible evidence of success that would fit these definitions I was seeing. I felt absolutely no judgement toward these women. I thought what they were doing was wonderful. I thought they were living their dream. The problem was in my comparison. I brought home no pay-check. I was not the modern woman the world wanted.  I was just…

Spring is Just in Sight

You're always with me in the dark
On the brutal edge of winter
In the morning I'll be new
Spring will bring me out to you

And oh the trials be so sweet
For the dawn seems more lovely
because of night.

And how the brink of winter feels
Most welcoming
for Spring is just in sight.

The morning brings a new song
A breathing note in kindest key
When I hear it echoing
I'll join the Earth
and softly sing:

King of Kings be glorified
You're making all things new
Prince of Peace be lifted high
All Beauty comes from You.

Stuck in Shadow

We're stuck in Shadow
Black and White
We're void of color
Void of Light

If their blood was oil
Then we might
If their bones were gold
Then we'd fight

If the Little Bird didn't sound so nice
If the Fickle Word could not entice

Maybe then we'd see their plight

If we'd turn and follow now the Light
They'd be precious in our sight.

But the Little Bird has told us news
more delicious to ammuse

So for now we stay in night.

In response to riots, violence, martyrdom, persecution, life lost, and the sad fact that our culture is more responsive to glittered gossip, greed, and celebrity lives. Christians are doing this. But we follow Jesus. We have to get out of the dark and walk in light. THEN we'll see them.  THEN we'll love them and rescue them. THEN we'll do as Jesus did.  We aren't living like we're full of color and light. There is so much MORE He has for us if we would only remain in Him.  See 1 John 2:6-11.

Creation Worships

Why do people worship the Earth?  Why do they humble themselves at the vastness of the universe?  Why do they assign power to it and give it credit for the course their lives take? Creation is seen as something so mysterious, alive, and powerful that people have worshiped it for thousands of years. 
Creation is definitely powerful, but those who worship mother nature or the universe itself are missing something very important.  Creation itself worships. The Universe and the Earth we live on humble themselves and adore. Creation is pointing us toward something. That which has been made worships the One who made it. It is not divine in itself, but it is full of signs that point to our Father. We make a great mistake when we think the earth is the thing to be glorified.  TheUniversedoesn't even want to be worshiped.  It wants to point  you to God.  That is it's intended purpose. 
Just think about it. 
The universe is vast and powerful and unfathomable.  Just when you think you’ve re…


Like most parents, I hate immunizations. They suck.  Not because of the controversial reasons that parents hate them lately, I’m actually very thankful for them. But they still suck to deal with.  I’ve never met a single parent who enjoyed taking their kids to get them.  So many pictures on facebook have captions that read, “she’s so happy and has no idea she’s about to get shots!”  That’s the worst! Especially when they are like 4 months old and smiling at you like crazy and then suddenly BAM they look at you like, “what’d you dooooo?” 
Silas especially struggles with them. I always dread it.  We don’t like to throw things like this at him. He does much better when he knows what to expect, that’s just his personality. I remember looking back at him one time when we were on the way to the doctor’s office.  He was starring out the window with his hands held together in his lap. He’d move his fingers nervously now and then.  He wasn’t quiet though. Silas talks a lot especially when he…


"I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness." Jeremiah 31:3
This is such a pretty, quotable scripture.  It’s the kind you want to get a tattoo of or put on your wall or use as song lyrics.
Can we look into the depth of it? The word “drawn” here is the Hebrew word “Masak”, which actually means “to draw out”.  Have you ever asked, where is he drawing me out from?
This is the core of what we believe: that when Jesus said, “It is finished,” He meant it. I have no reason to cover myself up, or to hide away in shame. I am a child of God. In God’s eyes I am flawless; because He sees the finished product that I’m becoming even though I’m not there yet. He loves me fully and without any hesitation. Deep down I know these things. But in my changing state I’m still afraid sometimes. I forget. Fear has me crawling back into my cell afraid of the King, as if He would cast me out of the garden.
His love amazes me.  Here’s why.
God’s kindness dra…

VERY Pretty.

We were in the middle of a two hour drive home.  My seven year old daughter, Addie, was sitting in the back seat talking with her brother about who knows what, laughing, giggling, singing.  Occasionally someone would say, "MOM. Tell him to stop annoying me."  "MOMMM. Tell her to stop singing!"

After awhile, the back seat had grown quiet.  I thought maybe they had fallen asleep, or were listening to the radio.

But then I heard a tiny little voice say, "mommy?"
I turned around.  Addie was looking at me with very sad, slightly worried eyes that were starting to well up with tears.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
She waited for a few seconds, and then she whispered, "do I look like a boy?"
She kept her eyes down on her folded hands.
What do I say? There isn't anything wrong with boys, of course.  Or looking like one.  But what she was really asking me here was, "am I pretty?"  I looked at her, a little caught off guard, becaus…

Beauty Escaped

Beauty was locked away.  On the rocky heights of Golgotha, my Friend gave his life because I was in prison. They spit on him, called him names. He sat in a cell; cold, alone. In the morning he carried the cross on his back for miles in the dust. When he reached the hilltop, they nailed his hands and his feet to it, and raised him up for all to see.

And from the cross He spoke: “IT IS FINISHED.” The Earth shook. The sky grew dark. He gave up his spirit and died in my place. Serving my sentence. Taking my punishment. By the power of his words the father of lies fell. That keeper of my prison was knocked down.

And on the third day when the earth shook again and the stone rolled away, Jesus was once again raised up for all to see.  And all the glory of the day shown into my cell and He called me out into the land of the living. 

On that day, beauty escaped
Whenever I hate my reflection, agree with my ex-captor’s accusations, give in, give up, or submit to deception of any kind, I chain myself all o…

Love's Response

I absolutely think that a person should not be forced by law to perform a service for something or someone if it conflicts with their religious beliefs, HOWEVER. 

Regardless of whether or not you agree with gay marriage, and even if you are absolutely opposed to it, the Christian florist's or baker's response shouldn't be rejection. It should be the most beautiful flowers they've ever made and the sweetest cake they've ever baked, and a 5% discount and an added bouquet. It should be extravagant blessing.

 "But then we are approving of it". 

No, you're not. You're just blessing and loving someone despite their lifestyle. Sound familiar? Sound like our Jesus? Sound like the grace offered to you? 

The Christian response has to stop being rejection. It HAS to be love. Because maybe no good comes from approving of sinful behavior, but no good comes from rejection either.

 Extravagant love is the thing that transforms. That's our Father's game and th…