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Beauty Escaped

Beauty was locked away.  On the rocky heights of Golgotha, my Friend gave his life because I was in prison. They spit on him, called him names. He sat in a cell; cold, alone. In the morning he carried the cross on his back for miles in the dust. When he reached the hilltop, they nailed his hands and his feet to it, and raised him up for all to see.

And from the cross He spoke: “IT IS FINISHED.” The Earth shook. The sky grew dark. He gave up his spirit and died in my place. Serving my sentence. Taking my punishment. By the power of his words the father of lies fell. That keeper of my prison was knocked down.

And on the third day when the earth shook again and the stone rolled away, Jesus was once again raised up for all to see.  And all the glory of the day shown into my cell and He called me out into the land of the living. 

On that day, beauty escaped
Whenever I hate my reflection, agree with my ex-captor’s accusations, give in, give up, or submit to deception of any kind, I chain myself all o…

Love's Response

I absolutely think that a person should not be forced by law to perform a service for something or someone if it conflicts with their religious beliefs, HOWEVER. 

Regardless of whether or not you agree with gay marriage, and even if you are absolutely opposed to it, the Christian florist's or baker's response shouldn't be rejection. It should be the most beautiful flowers they've ever made and the sweetest cake they've ever baked, and a 5% discount and an added bouquet. It should be extravagant blessing.

 "But then we are approving of it". 

No, you're not. You're just blessing and loving someone despite their lifestyle. Sound familiar? Sound like our Jesus? Sound like the grace offered to you? 

The Christian response has to stop being rejection. It HAS to be love. Because maybe no good comes from approving of sinful behavior, but no good comes from rejection either.

 Extravagant love is the thing that transforms. That's our Father's game and th…