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Love's Response

I absolutely think that a person should not be forced by law to perform a service for something or someone if it conflicts with their religious beliefs, HOWEVER. 

Regardless of whether or not you agree with gay marriage, and even if you are absolutely opposed to it, the Christian florist's or baker's response shouldn't be rejection. It should be the most beautiful flowers they've ever made and the sweetest cake they've ever baked, and a 5% discount and an added bouquet. It should be extravagant blessing.

 "But then we are approving of it". 

No, you're not. You're just blessing and loving someone despite their lifestyle. Sound familiar? Sound like our Jesus? Sound like the grace offered to you? 

The Christian response has to stop being rejection. It HAS to be love. Because maybe no good comes from approving of sinful behavior, but no good comes from rejection either.

 Extravagant love is the thing that transforms. That's our Father's game and the business we are in. You don't have to approve of someone's behavior to bless them. And the only thing that changed our world in the first place was the fulfillment of every law by one man, Jesus, and the fact that while we were still sinners, while we were still enemies of God, He died for us. He extravagantly loves us and we claim to follow Him, and He said "do what I one another above yourselves... Love like I loved you..."


  1. I really loved this! I fully believe hate begets hate, as well as rejection just brings around more rejection. What if Jesus refused to bless me based on my sins? Is it not the same thing, should it not be viewed the same? Who am I to say that someone else's sins are greater than my own, whether I commit said sin willingly or unwillingly. There is no way to bring about unity or love or any kind of relationship when between two parties stands a wall of rejection, or humiliation, or criticism. For me I choose to love like I want to be loved, not based on anything I say or do, not depending on anything, just unabashed pure love!

    1. If only words like these could show up in the news, next to stories of hate.


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