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Creation Worships

Why do people worship the Earth?  Why do they humble themselves at the vastness of the universe?  Why do they assign power to it and give it credit for the course their lives take? Creation is seen as something so mysterious, alive, and powerful that people have worshiped it for thousands of years. 
Creation is definitely powerful, but those who worship mother nature or the universe itself are missing something very important.  Creation itself worships. The Universe and the Earth we live on humble themselves and adore. Creation is pointing us toward something. That which has been made worships the One who made it. It is not divine in itself, but it is full of signs that point to our Father. We make a great mistake when we think the earth is the thing to be glorified.  TheUniversedoesn't even want to be worshiped.  It wants to point  you to God.  That is it's intended purpose. 
Just think about it. 
The universe is vast and powerful and unfathomable.  Just when you think you’ve re…


Like most parents, I hate immunizations. They suck.  Not because of the controversial reasons that parents hate them lately, I’m actually very thankful for them. But they still suck to deal with.  I’ve never met a single parent who enjoyed taking their kids to get them.  So many pictures on facebook have captions that read, “she’s so happy and has no idea she’s about to get shots!”  That’s the worst! Especially when they are like 4 months old and smiling at you like crazy and then suddenly BAM they look at you like, “what’d you dooooo?” 
Silas especially struggles with them. I always dread it.  We don’t like to throw things like this at him. He does much better when he knows what to expect, that’s just his personality. I remember looking back at him one time when we were on the way to the doctor’s office.  He was starring out the window with his hands held together in his lap. He’d move his fingers nervously now and then.  He wasn’t quiet though. Silas talks a lot especially when he…