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Spring is Just in Sight

You're always with me in the dark
On the brutal edge of winter
In the morning I'll be new
Spring will bring me out to you

And oh the trials be so sweet
For the dawn seems more lovely
because of night.

And how the brink of winter feels
Most welcoming
for Spring is just in sight.

The morning brings a new song
A breathing note in kindest key
When I hear it echoing
I'll join the Earth
and softly sing:

King of Kings be glorified
You're making all things new
Prince of Peace be lifted high
All Beauty comes from You.

Stuck in Shadow

We're stuck in Shadow
Black and White
We're void of color
Void of Light

If their blood was oil
Then we might
If their bones were gold
Then we'd fight

If the Little Bird didn't sound so nice
If the Fickle Word could not entice

Maybe then we'd see their plight

If we'd turn and follow now the Light
They'd be precious in our sight.

But the Little Bird has told us news
more delicious to ammuse

So for now we stay in night.

In response to riots, violence, martyrdom, persecution, life lost, and the sad fact that our culture is more responsive to glittered gossip, greed, and celebrity lives. Christians are doing this. But we follow Jesus. We have to get out of the dark and walk in light. THEN we'll see them.  THEN we'll love them and rescue them. THEN we'll do as Jesus did.  We aren't living like we're full of color and light. There is so much MORE He has for us if we would only remain in Him.  See 1 John 2:6-11.