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The Successful Me

About a year ago, a friend offered a question to our group:  "How would you define success?"

His question made me think.  I did not feel successful.  In fact, I felt quite the opposite. My friends all seemed to be getting degrees, careers, recognition, awards. Well deserved, might I add.  My husband was seeing all sorts of success in his business, which I was and am immensely proud of.  
I googled "successful woman". There were so many photos, none of which looked like my life. 

Here I was, a wife, a stay-at-home mom, a college drop-out (I put school on hold when I got pregnant with Silas), I volunteered for different ministries, but had no tangible evidence of success that would fit these definitions I was seeing. I felt absolutely no judgement toward these women. I thought what they were doing was wonderful. I thought they were living their dream. The problem was in my comparison. I brought home no pay-check. I was not the modern woman the world wanted.  I was just…