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Enter the City

This summer has been full. In so many good ways. Vacation, fireworks, county fair, camp, more camp, state fair is just around the corner. 
In all of this I've had hardly any spare moments to write. 
I thought I'd just take a quick moment and share what has been on my heart this rare quiet summer week, before I head to another camp.
When Jesus entered the city, the whole place was stirred. In other words, all the mundane was halted and the glory of the Kingdom of God broke into it. People felt something. They noticed something. Even without the things Jesus said and did, He carried the Spirit of God within Him. So wherever He went people could feel the freedom radiating from Him. They were picking up on peace, love, kindness, and selflessness. People were drawn to that, even if only for a moment, like a blade of grass to the rising sun. Naturally, spiritually, we respond to God's presence because He is our source of Life. 
We have been given the same Spirit that Jesus has. God&…