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Holy Week Thoughts- What do we want?

The disciples and the crowds thought Jesus was going to do something big. They believed he was up to something that would change the world. They thought he was going to start a revolution, overthrow the Roman Empire, and make Israel into a great nation again. They wanted a King. And when he didn't turn out to be what they expected, they deserted him. But they had no idea that Jesus WAS about to change the world. He WAS starting not only a great revolution, but the great restoration. He overthrew a kingdom alright, but one from which sprouted all oppression, fear, injustice, and death. He instigated a process of renewing all things. A process we are still in. They got a King. Had they known, they would have dropped to the ground in awe of it all. Like the soldier at the cross. At the feet of the King of Kings. Do we get it? Do we realize it? Or are we like them, asking God for something he doesn't seem to be giving us. And all the while we don't realize that He is actually…

Holy Week Thoughts- Judas

I think many in our culture and cultures around the world today would have thrown post-betrayal Judas into ridicule, prison or worse, killed him ourselves. I'm absolutely convinced, however, that Jesus would have treated him with incredible compassion, forgiveness, and restoring love. There was remorse. He threw the 30 pieces of silver at the feet of those whom he had slithered for. Judas had done a bad thing. Very. But I've never known a person Jesus wouldn't embrace with full forgiveness. Judas didn't get to see the third day because he took his own life. He didn't get to eat breakfast with the disciples on the beach with a risen Jesus, and hear the words of affirmation and restoration that Peter got to hear. Or maybe he did, in a way we don't know. I guess we won't know til later. But. Regardless. How do we treat people who turn their backs on us, disown us, or even betray us? What if we acted like Jesus in those moments? ‪#‎holyweekthoughts‬